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‘SUITABLE FLESH’ Review: A Glorious Homage to ’80s & ’90s B-movie Heaven

Synopsis: Psychiatrist Elizabeth encounters a situation out of her idyllic life as she becomes obsessed with helping a young patient who she believes is suffering from extreme personality disorder. However, it soon leads her into a new world of danger.

I, like the rest of the horror community have been waiting in excitement for Suitable Flesh for what feels like such a long time, and it was such a thrill to finally experience this film. What could be more exciting than an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation directed by Joe Lynch (Mayhem, Point Blank) and written by horror screenwriter Dennis Paoli (Re-Animator, From Beyond)? Well, an H.P Lovecraft adaptation starring Barbara Crampton (who is also one of the producers) and none other than everyone’s favourite, Heather Graham.

Psychiatrist Elizabeth is thrown one day from her usual routine by a new patient, Asa (Judah Lewis) who turns up unexpectedly at her office, clearly very traumatised. Elizabeth is convinced she knows what is wrong with him straight away, but Asa is obviously struggling with something a little more complicated than a personality disorder. And thus, we are launched into the chaos of Suitable Flesh.

The next two acts are highly over the top, full of standard schlock tropes, trashy and seedy – but it is exactly what you want from a revisit to B-movie heaven. I found it an absolute joy to watch, and I wasn’t sure where it was going to come next; certainly nothing predictable here.

Lynch captures ’80s B-movie joy with his own eye and there is incredible attention to detail from the get-go. Soft lighting paves the way for the eroticism, which is much funnier than it is erotic. It is such a homage to those horror pictures we all know and love, and a big cheer to ’80s and ’90s erotic thrillers too.

Suitable Flesh doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy, or ‘elevated horror.’ It doesn’t have to be narratively and cinematically perfect; it’s just such excellent B-movie fun, and Graham is particularly fantastic, bringing such an earnest realism to such a silly role. It is so good to see her taking on this type of role and here’s hoping she does many more like this in the future. She’s a most excellent addition to the horror genre. I came for what was advertised and stayed for what it delivered. Suitable Flesh is perfect Halloween season late night horror fun at the multiplex.



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