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Short Film

A Short Mission #7: Christopher Nolan’s Doodlebug

Doodlebug is a first glimpse into the wonderful visionary mind of Christopher Nolan. From the Batman films to Memento, Nolan has a proven track record of making thought-provoking cinema, and this is shown in his debut short.

Doodlebug sees a jittery character named ‘the man’ take on a formidable bug, but to no avail. Hopping and jumping around a dark and poky apartment, the man tries to kill an ominous bug which proves to be too fast for him, until eventually he catches up.

Perhaps like some of Nolan’s other films, Doodlebug leaves many questions unanswered, but that doesn’t really matter. Perhaps if we knew the answers it wouldn’t be as entertaining and that’s what makes this short a hidden gem.

A promise of intrigue was provided by this short when it was released and that is something that has culminated into a very worthy talent in the past decade in the wonderful filmmaker that Nolan is.

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