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A Short Film: Touched

Ever since we caught his work at Shorts On Tap – Beyond Scotland, we’ve all be extremely excited to see the rise of director Jeremiah Quinn. His previous work was the brilliant and stunning The Strange Death of Harry Stanley and was certainly remarkable for the excellent shifts in narrative viewpoints, the emotional vein that trickled the reality of the story throughout it and the excellent cinematography and aesthetic. As Quinn celebrates the release of his film Incognito, whilst climbing his way up the cinematic ladder of greatness, let’s have a look at his previous work; the touching (sorry) Touched.

The film follows a young lover who has had her heart broken. Lost and abandoned on greenery of Hampstead Heath, she reminds herself, bitterly, of the love that she has lost through the engravings of the benches nearby. Can connecting to the ghosts of lovers past help heal her or plunge her further into despair?

Visually captivating, Touched is a fine example of how Quinn utilises the beauty of the park around our heroine whilst using the imagery to enhance the story. Though the narration can teeter somewhat into artistic pretention (which never hurt anyone, by the way, but may be off putting for some who’d rather the imagery speak for itself), the combination of sublime beauty and heartbreak is one that many people will relate to. As she ventures through the throne of nature, nestled in the heart of a bustling city, she connects with herself and her sorrow and it’s easy to get lost in this optical poetry. It’s rather brilliant, if a bit short. But Touched serves a small purpose, perhaps to help you deal with our own lost love issues. And director Quinn delicate handles it to great effect.

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