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Horror at Home: February 2015


We are officially over a month in to 2015. So now is the perfect time to take a look at the horror films that will be be unleashed on DVD and Bluray this February. Enjoy.

Kicking off this months horror releases is Peter Roberton‘s made for tv thriller ROAD KILL which is released on the 2nd. Starring Oliver James and Eliza Bennett, the film follows a group of friends decide to go on a road trip through scenic Ireland only to run down and kill an old gypsy woman. WIth her dying breath she places a curse upon the group that sends for a gigantic bird of prey known as a Simuroc to deliver their punishment: death, one at a time. From the look of the trailer the film doesn’t leave a great impression but then this is a made for tv.

Also released on the same date is Kevin Greutert‘s vodoo thriller JESSABELLE. Set deep within the swamps of Louisiana, Sarah Snook plays Jessabelle, a woman who returns to her childhood home to recuperate from a horrific car accident. As she begins her recovery she reconnects with a long-tormented spirit from her past that has no intention of letting her escape. Very reminiscent of The Skeleton Key this film has an incredibly strong trailer (see below). We have high hopes for this film which comes to us from the director of Saw VI and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter.

Released on the 9th February comes a lesson about gorilla filmmaking from down under with THROWBACK. Set deep within the remote Jungles of Far North Queensland, two modern-day treasure hunters played by Shawn Brack and Anthony Ring run into a ferocious monster known as a Yowie, Australia’s answer to Bigfoot. This one might not be as polished as other adventure thrillers out there but there’s denying the skilful direction of Travis Bain who does an incredible job to make the most of its minimal budget.

Hailed as one of the best horror films of 2014, Jennifer Kent‘s chilling thriller THE BABADOOK is an intriguing look at the intense relationship between a single mother and her socially difficult child. We caught this film when it played during last years Film4 Frightfest and although the incredibly creepy trailer does mislead its audience into thinking its a deeply disturbing supernatural horror, this does not stop the film from engaging audiences in some incredibly haunting ways. With an impeccable and in our opinion Oscar worthy performance from Essie Davis, this film certainly deserves your attention.

From John R. Leonetti, the cinematographer of 2013’s terrifying The Conjuring, comes the horror prequel ANNABELLE which comes to DVD and BluRay on 23rd February. Starring Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton as a married couple whose home is invade in the middle of the night by members of a satanic cult unaware that an evil spirit has possessed a doll that was purchased as a gift for their unborn child. In desperation to escape the supernatural occurrences the pair flee to an apartment complex only to have the spirit of the doll follow them. Certainly no where near as effective as The Conjuring this is a film to check out even if it’s only to say that you have seen it.

On the back end of such haunted house chillers as The Woman in Black, the classic English ghost story is revised by Director Adam Wimpenny. Starring Ed Stoppard, Sophia Myles and Russel Tovey, BLACKWOOD is a chilling story about a family who relocates to the countryside in search of a fresh start. Plagued by spectral visions, Ben Marshall (Stoppard) becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth that appears to be putting the life of his family in danger. From the looks of the trailer this film appears to have lots of tension built on a foundation of dark empty corridors and strange noises, we’re interested and wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Also released on 23rd February and rounding up the months releases is the the black vampiric comedy SUMMER OF BLOOD will be released on DVD and BluRay from Monster Pictures. Directed by and starring Onur Turkel in the lead role the film follows Erick Sparrow, a negative guy who bumbles his way through life only to be bitten by a vampire in the process. Eric’s sex appeal rockets but there’s only one way he can rid himself of the excruciating pain in his stomach… to drink human blood. Full of quirky charm the film is described as ‘deprecating and rude and hilarious’. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this one. Check out the trailer below.

Horror of the month: The Babadook



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