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The Gift of Annabelle: A New Trailer and Poster for The Conjuring Spin-off

As a huge fan of James Wan and his horror offerings, I was disappointed to hear he would not be taking the director reigns for The Conjuring’s spin-off Annabelle. However, after seeing this trailer you cannot miss the spooky Wan touch and influence within it.

John R. Leonetti, cinematographer for The Conjuring, is at hand to direct Annabelle with producers James Wan and Peter Safran. The story takes place before The Conjuring and the trailer sees a pregnant woman receive the dreaded Annabelle doll as a gift. However, she has apparently been looking for it for a long time and is thrilled. We all know this thrill won’t last and we soon see her tormented in her home by some uninvited visitors.

Dolls are damn right creepy and when used well in films they can create some memorable and terrifying moments. This is a very promising trailer; it gives us a little taste of Annabelle’s origins, but leaves plenty for us to look forward to. It’s a tense 2 minutes and the final shot will make your hairs stand on end.

The poster makes a good use of simplicity to get its scares across. The idea of a doll crying blood is a rather unnerving thought on its own, but the Annabelle doll is particularly intimidating with her piercing eyes and haunting grin. Oh, the shivers!

Here’s to hoping Annabelle is a well-crafted and atmospheric horror, something that will leave us sleeping with the lights on.


Annabelle will be released on October 3rd in the USA and October 10th in the UK.


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