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Brand-New Bangers: Noteworthy Nods 2024 – Batch 17

It’s Thursday once again, so here we are with another round of brand new releases brought to our attention by streaming services and our constant readers. It goes without saying that we are ever grateful that our discerning readers help cut through the noise by highlighting the most noteworthy new releases deserving of a coveted spot on our weekly playlist.

Today’s choice picks feature an eclectic selection of new music releases from emerging and established artists including The Public Eye, The Mercians, Candid, 86TVs, Delonia and kimfitz. We hope this hour’s worth of the latest new music releases has something for everyone and maybe even helps you and discover your next favorite artist. So hit play today and let these fresh tracks be the soundtrack to your day!

And don’t forget, whenever you come across a new band on one of our music lists that really resonates with you, take a moment to spread the word on social media. Give their songs a like and share on Facebook, retweet their music videos on Twitter, or post about how much you’re enjoying their material on Instagram. Tagging the band’s handle is an easy way to get their attention and let them know they have active listeners out there. Even a simple gesture like hitting follow or leaving a positive comment on their posts can go a long way toward motivating an emerging group to keep making music.

Aside from the aforementioned track recommendations, our Noteworthy section includes weekly videocast interviews featuring musical talent we hope are either already or, about to become your new favorite artists. You can watch/rewatch all previous episodes via the video playlist (here) featuring the likes of Shed Seven, Turin BrakesEmbraceRed Rum ClubThe K’sThe SherlocksThe Slow Readers ClubStanleysThe NativeThe Clause, and many more.


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