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BRAND NEW BANGERS: Noteworthy Nods 2022, Week 31

The Summer hols are over – for us at least – so, to beat the back-to-work blues, we’re back with a bumper edition of Noteworthy Nods featuring our most listened-to tunes over the past month.

For those unfamiliar with CinemaChord’s “Noteworthy Nods”, this is a weekly playlist curated by our Editor, Howard Gorman, featuring a selection of his favorite finds from some of the buzziest bands of the minute, with the odd unmissable addition from established bands.

So, without further ado, today’s “nods” features another round-up of sizzling hot bangers from artists including Bandit, The Kairos, The Palava, Goodnight Sunrise, Sprints, DEADLETTER and Editors.

So hop on down to our Spotify selections below and we hope and enjoy this week’s selection. And please be sure to let us know your favorites on the list.

Aside from the aforementioned track recommendations, our Noteworthy section includes weekly videocast interviews featuring musical talent we hope are either already or, about to become your new favorite artists. You can watch/rewatch all previous episodes via the video playlist below featuring the likes of Embrace, The Sherlocks, Stanleys, The K’s, The Native, The Clause, and many more.

As always, don’t be a stranger! Please send any recommendations or track submissions to us over on Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the tracks we’ve picked out for you this week.


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