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Short Film

A Short Mission: Do You Believe In The Devil?

Let’s just get one niggle with this movie out of the way; the lead guy looks like Rob Schneider. There, I said it. Although not a terrible actor (not a great one either,) our lead looks like Rob Schneider. Now we will resume business as usual. Now that I have your attention, may I introduce to you the creepy and gripping Do You Know The Devil? Created by Alex Grybauskas. It is a moody styled thriller that revolves around the seedy underbelly of life after death.

The narrator/lead here is a lowlife, alcoholic drug taker who has done bugger all with his life except throw his guts down the toilet and resume drinking. However, one heavy session teeters him into the not-quite-alive territory and he bargains his life away to a spirit that visits him. That spirit is Danny Pickler, a man child who died when he was 9 but continued to age in…wherever he is now. Pickler offers him a deal; kill all his family so they can join him in the underworld or he will die. And obviously, what kind of deal will a scumbag take?

The story is simple but the twists and turns available on this make it a different and unique spin. While the lead is slightly off putting and utterly unlikeable, as his dirty deeds mounts, you are always wondering “what is going to happen next?” Reaching the climatic finale, you are on the edge of your seat. Grybauskas also drenches the cinematography so it has this epic tone similar to stuff of Fincher and other greats. It’s an effective piece that toils with its own psychology on what is right or wrong.

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