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A Short Mission: JohnnyExpress


Have you ever wondered exactly what would have happened with Horton hadn’t heard the Who? Imagine the fat fingers and big footsteps smooshing the entire village of Whoville because he couldn’t hear those tiny voices yelling stop? Well, wonder know more as that premise is explored in this brilliant, hysterical and a slightly bit disturbing short film from South Korea JohnnyExpress.

Written and directed by James (Kyungmin) Woo as part of Alfred imageworks, the neat little short revolves around slobbery deliver guy who has to deliver the tiniest package to the smallest of customers on a miniscule planet. What he doesn’t realise this is any of the above. It’s one small step for man and one giant disaster for the aliens inhabiting the planet, but does our delivery guy realise? No

Possibly funnier than any short Pixar has to other thanks to its micro –plot and fleshed out idea, JohnnyExpress is full of devastating laughs. Sure, you are laughing at millions of deaths but each squeaked cry for help hits your funny bone because the concept is so ludicrous and well thought out. The bright bustling colours of the animation that pops out of your screen drag you into it immediately. The delight of the movie is hilarious. Though, the horror of the purple peoples plight may not be so rib-tickling from the surface of that planet, but to us monstrous humans, it’s pure pleasure.

It also has not just one punchline, but two.

[vimeo id=”94502406″]


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