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Is V/H/S Viral’s Todd Lincoln no longer lost in his Gorgeous Vortex?

Festival fans including myself might have mixed feelings when it comes to the third instalment of the popular found footage franchise for a number of reasons. Some didn’t like it because it didn’t seem to share the same ferocity of the previous two instalments and it never quite got up to scratch. During its festival run and during its American VOD and limited cinema release one thing had everyone scratching their heads. V/H/S Viral’s fourth segment Gorgeous Vortex had wrongly reported as having been ‘deleted’ from the film which has sparked a whole host of rumours as to why.

Bloody Disgusting have been teasing us for a while with this promotional pic from GORGEOUS VORTEX but what is the secret?

None of the other directors Marcel Sarmiento (Dead Girl), Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead), Nacho Vigalondo (Open Windows) or even Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson (Spring) stayed quiet and refused to answer questions why. So it comes as good news after the popular genre magazine Fangoria announced that fans of the franchise will actually get a chance to experience Todd Lincoln‘s so called ‘missing’ segment Gorgeous Vortex as it will be included in the US home release of V/H/S VIRAL which is dated for 17th February 2015. Not much is known about his segment but we are told by BLOODY DISGUSTING that “…fans who grew up in the 90′s are going to explode with what we did…”

Full extras for the US release include: Audio commentary by the directors, “AXS TV: A Look at V/H/S: VIRAL”, “Bonestorm”: Behind-the-scenes featurette, FX storyboards, galleries, “Dante the Great”: “Behind the Magic,” photo gallery, Director interviews.


There is still no news about a UK release of the film but you know very well that we are looking forward to checking out the ‘missing’ segment when it hits our shores.

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    i have to watch this segment but the whole thing is no where 2 b found online, if someone cans end it 2 me do it or ill end u tight