Eli Roth to go Beyond the Green Inferno in Green-lit Sequel

eli-roth-3Hot on the trail of his acting stint the likes of Inglorious Basterds and the most recent Aftershock, shockmeister Eli Roth parks his bum back in the director’s chair after a six year break for another dose of gross with The Green Inferno, which premiered at last night’s Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness section. Roth co-wrote the screenplay with the Aftershock team (director Nicolas Lopez and scribe Guillermo Amoedo) and, whilst the film is yet to receive an official release date, a sequel, Beyond the Green Inferno, has been given the go ahead .

eli-roth-snakeFor the second outing Roth will take a back seat to “present and produce” the film with Nicholas Lopez occupying the still warm directors chair adapted from a script co-written by the original trio of writers and filming is expected to start on location in Chile and Peru next spring.

The Green Inferno follows a group of American student activists who head to the Amazon in an attempt to help save a dying tribe from deforestation only to find themselves taken hostage by cannibals.

Roth cites cult classics Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox as inspiration for the movie and in a recent interview with Amoedo he told us that filming with actual natives has resulted in a brutally realistic take on the cannibal genre. We can’t wait for a slice when it hits cinemas hopefully later this year.

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