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24: Live Another Day Teaser Trailer Galore

It was a sad day when Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) explosive 8 season journey ended when 24 called it a day in 2010. It was even sadder when plans for a feature film based on the franchise faded into nothingness. Hence, it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out how excited we are that an all new season. 24: Live Another Day will be gracing our screens this very May.

Fans will also recall that everyone’s favourite CTU operative, Bauer, found himself in the midst of the action in the 24 TV movie, Redemption, and this time round the action will also take abroad, only now as close to home as it could possibly get, London Town.

This all new 12 episode return is scheduled to air in the US this May 5th with the UK air date yet to be confirmed. Also, further to last week’s news of Stephen Fry‘s casting, another new British cast member has been confirmed. Colin Salmon, most recently seen playing Oliver Queen’s stepfather in Arrow, has been added although there is no news as to who or what kind of role he will be taking on.

This next, and hopefully not last, chapter in the 24 franchise is reported to take place four years after the end of season eight where Jack Bauer once again found himself a fugitive from justice.

To leave you all with a taste of how glorious Jack and Chloe look in a London setting we’ll leave you with the latest teasers that audiences were treated to during this year’s Super Bowl. We forgot just how much we missed the beeping countdown. The big question on our lips is whether Jack will be shouting “God Dammit” or “Gosh Darnit” this time round. Not long to wait to find out now.

Are you all looking forward to seeing Jack on English soil? Let us know in the comments below.

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