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Michelle Krusiec Talks Playing the Ultimate Agony Aunt in Inspirational, Feelgood Romance Feature ‘FLOAT’

Sherren Lee‘s inspirational romance feature, Float, which she co-wrote with Jesse Lavercombe, adapted from Kate Marchant’s eponymous smash hit Wattpad novel opens in theaters and on Digital/On Demand tomorrow, February 9th 2024.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Andrea Bang (Dear David, “Kim’s Convenience”), Robbie Amell (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, “Upload), Michelle Krusiec (The InvitationA Million Miles Away), Sarah Desjardins (“Yellowjackets,” “The Night Agent”), and Andrew Bachelor (The BabysitterFamily Switch), Float follows Waverly (Bang), a woman who felt that she had her future all worked out, ready to start her medical residency in Toronto after visiting her parents in Taipei for the summer. But when she takes an impulsive detour to visit her aunt in a small Canadian town, all of her plans are thrown into disarray when she meets local lifeguard Blake (Amell). After rescuing her from nearly drowing at a beach party, Blake offers to teach Waverly how to swim, and as the classes progress, they start to develop feeling for each other. But with Blake tied to his past and Waverly’s plans to start a new job, what will become of their relationship once the summer is over?

To celebrate this Friday’s release of the film, CinemaChords’ Howard Gorman sat down with Michelle Krusiec, who shared how she seized the chance to play the ultimate agony aunt to Andrea Bang’s character in the movie, and how even though the film is a drama at its core, it allowed her to put her comedy chops to good use again, something she hadn’t really got a chance to do since early in her career.

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