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Brand-New Bangers: Noteworthy Nods 2023 – Batch 7

That time of the week has come around again, when we like to point you in the direction of our favourite new releases by way of our ‘Noteworthy Nods’ playlist.

Last week’s jump-out tracks included releases from the likes of The K’sThe KairosBlondesAlfie and the AvalonRetro Video ClubCucamaras and Eades. (which you can still enjoy over here). Meanwhile, this week’s round-up features an impressive mix of instant wowers from the likes of The Cheap Thrills, The Public Eye, The Cavs, DEADLETTER, and a more-than-worth-the-lengthy-wait return from Tribes.

As always, this section is all about spreading the word, especially when it comes to emerging new talent who more than appreciate any extra support, so you’d be doing them an enormous favour by showing your support for the music you’re enjoying on our lists by sending them some love on social media.

After all, a tweet, an Instagram post or even just a retweet won’t set you back even a penny and will go a long way to helping musicians. We’re also always grateful for any suggestions/recommendations from our readers, so please feel free to share them with us

InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. You can also contact Howard Gorman directly on Twitter here where his DM door is always open for any recommendations.

So, without further ado, here we go with round 7 of this year’s Noteworthy Nods:

Aside from the aforementioned track recommendations, our Noteworthy section includes weekly videocast interviews featuring musical talent we hope are either already or, about to become your new favorite artists. You can watch/rewatch all previous episodes via the video playlist below featuring the likes of Turin BrakesEmbrace, The Slow Readers ClubThe SherlocksStanleysThe K’sThe NativeThe Clause, and many more.


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