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Short Film

A Short Mission: Unstoppable

There is an almighty force in the midst of the British Film Industry. Fun, intellectual, talented and heinously good looking, it is one that is threatening to consume it in a blaze of glory. That force has one name, and it’s Idris Elba.

When the impeccable man isn’t acting his socks off in unforgettable roles such as Nelson Mandela, he is cancelling apocalypses with Pacific Rim. When he isn’t making boyfriends jealous on popular chat shows, he is becoming an excitable father. When he isn’t making all the girls and guys coo, he is a humanitarian supporting charities across the globe AND brand new artists. So here, it is no surprise that he does wonders behind the scenes in his directing debut.

Unstoppable is part of a Pepsi series of short films, based around songs and showcasing the world’s most popular game; football. The series is called Beats to the Beautiful Game and while you may not be a massive fan of the sport, this is a delightful and wry short from Elba. Set to the incredible song “Unstoppable” by R3HAB ft Eva Simons, it is a little slice of 1970’s nostalgia with a moral backbone to it. A stereotypical school “nerd” is picked upon and criticised. Only soon his peers discover he is a particular panache for football skills, using them to run circles around those who picked on him.

Elba has drenched the film with perfect ’70s nostalgia, the cinematography setting an unforgettable tone. There is a cheeky attitude with some fun moments as it breezes through a lazy summer’s park with flair. Though there are shaky moments, Elba has delighted with this sweet short. Showcasing how you can do anything and you should never be judged or placed into a category, this is the perfect Summertime short.


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