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‘MOTHER MAY I?’ Mind-Bending Trailer Proves Inheritances Often Produce Far More Trouble Than Good

It has long been said that men end up marrying their mothers and women their fathers, and numerous surveys have even substantiated the age-old notion that men tend to gravitate towards people who reflect their mother’s attributes, while women tend to be drawn to people who echo their father’s qualities.

Something that will put the above preamble to the test is the first official trailer Dark Sky Films has just dropped for Laurence Vannicelli‘s chilling directorial feature debut, Mother May I?

Written and directed by Vannicelli, and starring Kyle Gallner (Smile, Scream IV) and Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”), the film sees Emmett (Gallner) and Anya (Roden) unexpectedly inherit the former’s estranged mother’s house after her passing. As they sift through her estate, Anya begins acting more and more like Emmett’s mother – forcing him to question if she’s pushing him to confront his traumatic past or if she’s actually been possessed by his mother’s spirit.

The cast also includes Chris Mulkey (“Twin Peaks”) and the film is produced by Dane Eckerle and Daniel Brandt. Vannicelli developed the film with his partner, Daisy Long, a former ballerina, who choreographed the dancing seen in the film’s supernatural sequences.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a taste of what spine-chilling, mind-bending horrors are in store when Mother May I? opens in select theaters and on VOD this coming July 21st.

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