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Chords in Conversation: Christian Bale Talks American Hustle

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It’s time for the man behind the pot-bellied Adonis physique and sexy comb-over to step up to the plate.

Christian Bale has continued to stun audiences for many years, from his psychotic performance in American Psycho to the fabulous brawny-to-scrawny transformation in The Machinist. This Batman has certainly shown us what he is capable of and his latest role as the notoriously brilliant con-man Irving Rosenfeld is yet another one of these career defining projects.

Playing a character that is based on a real con-man named Mel Weinberg, who was a convict originally hired by the FBI based on his expertise in fiddling the system. Acting alongside equally manipulative mistress Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) this doesn’t look like anything Bale can’t handle. In the words of Mel Weinberg himself, this is an insight into Rosenfelds character – ‘You set a crook to catch a crook. We put the big honey pot out there and all the flies came to us’ (60 minutes, April 12, 1981).

Let’s see what the man behind this character has to say shall we?

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