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Star Wars Celebration Europe Delivers Details. John Williams Scores a Hat Trick

When Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy appeared at Germany’s Star Wars Celebration Europe for a panel alongside Warwick Davis, fans’s hopes were high for some solid news about Star Wars Episode VII and beyond. They got what they wanted.

Kennedy confirmed that the team are aiming to approach the next entry using as many practical effects and real locations as possible:

“Much like many of you, looking at all the Star Wars movies and getting a feeling in what the early films did in combination with real locations and special effects — that’s something we’re looking very seriously at. We’re going to find some really cool locations for Ep VII. We’re going to use ever tool in the toolbox for this movie.” … “It’s using artwork that you can touch and feel in combination with CG effects.”

She went on to assure their awareness that it is not just location and effects that are the key to the success of the next entries in the saga:

“We know that if we don’t have great stories and great characters, then effects mean nothing” … “We have an opportunity to create some amazing new characters.”

Kennedy also explained how she came to select J.J. Abrams to direct Episode 7, Kathleen revealing how she compiled a shortlist of directors with George Lucas with Abrams topping the list:

“He has a sense of aspiration in what he does. His films tend to be hopeful. They’re fun and exciting” … “I think he’s going to do an amazing job.”

She also went on to confirm that Lucas is intent on maintaining the comedy elements of the original movies and, in the same vein, went on to confirm that one of the strongest ingredients of the Star Wars universe would return. John Williams has confirmed that he will write the music for Star Wars Episodes VII to IX with a video of him discussing the task at hand below.

All info comes from and you can read a starwarsblog of all Kennedy’s announcements here.

We’ll leave you with a word from Mr. John Williams himself.

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