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Robin Williams Dead At 63 (1951-2014)

At Cinema Chords, we were all devastated to learn that actor Robin Williams passed away today.

Following a long battle with depression, legendary actor Robin Williams was found dead today. The details are still unclear, but what we do know is that Williams was discovered unconscious inside his Californian home by paramedics who rushed him to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Suicide by asphyxiation is suspected, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

Born in 1951, Williams loved impersonating others as a child and later took this passion to Julliard, which paved the way for a starring role in the sitcom Mork & Mindy. By the 1980’s, Williams became one of the most popular comedians on the planet, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying an incredible career as a serious actor too, one which rivaled even his most successful comic roles.

Williams partied hard at the height of his success and problems with drugs had a negative impact on his health and personal life over the years, but today, we are here to celebrate the life of a man who touched us all.

The manic energy Williams poured into every role made him mesmerizing to watch, regardless of whether the part was serious or comedic. The ability to make audiences truly laugh or cry is a rare one indeed, but Williams had the phenomenal talent to achieve both with ease, transcending the label comedian to become a legend in the truest sense of the word. Just look at some of the awards he won in his lifetime; Two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actor Guild Awards, five Grammy Awards and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Incredible. 

As I write this, a huge number of film roles come to mind, almost too many to list, which just demonstrates the impact that Williams had on us all. As a child, Hook, Mrs Doubtfire and Jumanji captured my imagination, but it was Williams’s award-winning role as the Genie in Aladdin which blew me away. As I grew older, I began to fall in love with Williams’s adult roles too, including Good Will Hunting, The Birdcage and One Hour Photo, all of which are impressive showcases of the actors versatility.

Robin Williams was more than a mere actor though. Williams was one of the most beloved performers to ever appear on the silver screen and he will be sorely missed by everyone who ever saw him in one of his countless roles. Sixty-three years does not seem long enough, but Williams left us with a lifetime of incredible performances that we are lucky enough to have enjoyed over the past four decades.

As tragic as it is, let us try to not dwell on the sadness of Williams’s passing. Instead, join us as we celebrate Williams’s life and listen to him perform the Oscar nominated song ‘Friend Like Me’ from Disney’s Aladdin.

Our thoughts at this time are with Williams’s family and friends.

Robin Williams (1951-2014)

How has this news affected you? Pay tribute to the legendary performer by telling us some of your favorite Robin Williams roles from over the years.


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