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Brits’ Ultimate “Sick Day Movies” Revealed

Mrs. Doubtfire is officially the ultimate “duvet day” film, according to new research.

With three in five Brits (60 percent) admitting that curling up on the sofa with a good film is the best remedy to feeling unwell, new research has uncovered a list of the most soothing films to watch when feeling under the weather, with Robin Williams’ classic 1993 comedy taking the top spot.

Not far behind were the Harry Potter films and Disney’s 1994 classic The Lion King.

Also, to make the list were the family classics, Shrek and Toy Story, which were some of the first films to feature Pixar’s distinctive computer-animated characters.

Poorly Brits also turn to the iconic ’80s movie Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey as the young couple who meet and fall in love during the summer of 1967.

The study, by Fisherman’s Friend, found that other duvet day favourites include The Greatest Showman (17 percent), the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (17 percent), classic musical Grease (17 percent) and Forrest Gump (17 percent).

Britons also get a pick-me-up by watching Jumanji (17 percent), Finding Nemo (15 percent) and Ice Age (15 percent).

And the research of 1,500 Brits also found that 41 percent say watching a film when you’re unwell provides much-needed comfort and distraction.

Over two-thirds (67 percent), like to stick to classic films they know and love, while 33 percent prefer to watch something they haven’t seen before.

Brits like to enjoy a bowl of tomato soup (17 percent) when they have a cold, as well as hot buttered toast (17 percent) and perhaps a scoop of ice cream (13 percent).

Jon R. White, UK regional business manager of for Fisherman’s Friend, which conducted the research said: “It’s clear that we collectively turn to watching our favourite nostalgic films when feeling under the weather, from Mrs. Doubtfire to Dirty Dancing and Toy Story. This extends beyond film choice too – with Brits choosing familiar family-favourite brands to help with cold and flu symptoms.”

57 percent admit that even though they’re unwell, they secretly enjoy having time to themselves to relax and watch TV during a sick day.

In fact, 43 percent admit a duvet day is a rare occasion when they get to watch one of their favourite movies.

21 percent admit they can’t help logging in, while 18 percent worry they’ll be judged by their boss if they call in sick.

The research also reveals that on average, Brits have taken three sick days in the last 12 months.


Mrs Doubtfire 23%
The Harry Potter series 22%
The Lion King (1994) 21%
Shrek 21%
Toy Story 21%
Dirty Dancing 20%
The Greatest Showman 18%
The Pirates of the Caribbean series 17%
Grease 17%
Forrest Gump 17%
Jumanji 17%
Finding Nemo 15%
Ice Age 15%
Men in Black 15%
Mary Poppins 15%
The Lord of the Rings trilogy 14%
Ghostbusters (1984) 14%
Four Weddings and a Funeral 13%
The Hangover 13%
The Goonies 13%
Notting Hill 13%
Pitch Perfect 13%
Legally Blonde 13%
Madagascar 13%
Meet the Parents 13%

The study of 1500 British residents was commissioned by Fisherman’s Friend, and conducted by Perspectus Global in Oct 2021


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