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Films For January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street (January 17) Ashley Norris


A three hour trip of excess and the greed that inspired it. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort – here played by Scorsese’s favourite Leonardo DiCaprio in whisper-then-shout galore – and his exploits as a man working in the stock exchange while crashing it with a whole host of drugs, women and of course booze. This has been described as the “Goodfellas on Wall Street” with money always trading and a script so full on that it probably came with two paracetamol and a glass of water to stop the hangover. Again, another fabulous ensemble cast with Jonah Hill especially standing out in the trailer, maybe leading him to another Oscar nomination and possible win. Ego trips, drug trips and yacht trips; literally rich but probably not in an endearing fashion.


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