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Dr. Johnny Strange – Marvel target Depp

Oh Marvel are just showing off now aren’t they? Not content with landing Robert Redford for the incoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and yesterday harpooning the iconic prize of Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym in Ant-Man, now they’re after their biggest catch of all: only one Johnny Depp for the role of the magical Doctor Strange.

Unlike the others, this is no done deal… yet. Depp has apparently just had meetings, and Doctor Strange is someway off yet – pencilled in as a new major franchise kick starter for post-Avengers: Age of Ultron ‘Phase Three’, so we’re talking 2016 at the very earliest.

That said, Depp would surely be an incredible casting coup for a somewhat off-the-wall role that suits his eccentric leading man charm down to the ground, and Marvel seem more than capable of hooking the big fish given their current dominance of Hollywood and the box office. Maybe the only spoke in the wheel might be Depp’s schedule – he’s got Alice in Wonderland 2 and Pirates 5 on the slate, neither of which are likely to be quick and easy projects.

Don’t hold your breath, but cross those fingers because we reckon if Marvel grab Depp, they really *will* explode the Internet this time.


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