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Chucky Invades Your Favourite Horror Movies

So we’ve witnessed a wide variety of slashers and monsters invading each other’s franchises with the likes of Aliens, Predators, Freddies and Jasons, mostly to meager results.

Whilst full blown franchise fusion feature films often fail to meet the mark, Universal Home Entertainment and Movieclips have had a brainwave and come up with a wonderful bit of promotion for the upcoming home release of Curse of Chucky. Everyone’s favourite pint-sized Good Guy, Chucky, has been digitally dropped into a faultless collection of scenes from both cult and fresh horror films: Psycho, The Purge, Mama and Drag Me To Hell.

Curse of Chucky arrives on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on the 21st of October. Enjoy the “Chucky Invades” clips below and let us know who else you think he should be paying a visit…

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