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Short Film

Bryan Cranston Gets a Case of Writer’s Block (Short Film)

Having recently seen, and loved, Cold Comes the Night, starring Bryan Cranston, I jumped straight over to Vimeo as soon as I learnt he also appears in a short film shot during the production of the aforementioned feature. Said short was in fact filmed when Cranston decided to set up a competition during Hurricane Sandy offering Cold Comes the Night production assistants the chance to create a script. Whichever short he decided he liked the most would then go on to feature Cranston in the titular role.

Brandon Polanco came up with a script overnight, aptly titled Writer’s Block, which Cranston swiftly picked as the victor, with Polanco then finding himself with a mere three hours before beginning production on the project.

As soon as we hear Cranston’s husky tones reciting the words “She walks down the stairs, wearing that tight black dress” it had us hook line an sinker but it certainly isn’t just that. The combination of facial experssions, eye rolls and thinking out loud is the real star of the show and really draws you into this little black and white world Polanco has created for us to enjoy.

The short speak for itself and if you enjoy it then you can show your support for the people involved by purchasing Writer’s Block on iTunes.

[vimeo id=”81902364″]

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