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Brand-New Bangers: Noteworthy Nods 2024 – Batch 7

Artists and readers, it is that time of the week again when we bring you another edition of Noteworthy Nods, celebrating the best new music submissions and recommendations from the past seven days. Picking this week’s favourites proved as challenging as ever! But after hours of careful listening and passionate debate, we’re really proud of what we think are the best new tunes featuried in this 60+ minute playlist.

Looking back at last week’s playlist, we featured exciting new tracks from the likes of The Public EyeSkylightsKaiser ChiefsThe Velvet Club and Shed Seven which you can still catch up on here. Meanwhile, today’s curated cuts include new tunes from the likes of Balancing Act, The Rapports, The Lilacs, Aerial Salad, Kasabian, Bored At My Grandmas House and About Bunny.

So please give it up for the brilliant talent you’re about to hear in Batch 7. Dive in, turn it up and don’t forget to let us, and more importantly, the artists, know how much you enjoyed their material.

As always, this section is all about showcasing up-and-coming talent more than anything so please do show your support for any of the new music you enjoy in these playlists. It only takes a second to share your love for musicians on social media, it doesn’t cost a thing and goes a seriously long way to helping musicians out. At the same time, we’re also always more than grateful for any suggestions/recommendations any of you might have and we’d love to hear from you over on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. You can also contact us directly on Twitter here where our DM door is always wide open.

Aside from the aforementioned track recommendations, our Noteworthy section includes weekly videocast interviews featuring musical talent we hope are either already or, about to become your new favorite artists. You can watch/rewatch all previous episodes via the video playlist (here) featuring the likes of CastShambolics, Shed Seven, Turin BrakesEmbraceRed Rum ClubThe K’sThe SherlocksThe Slow Readers ClubStanleysThe NativeThe Clause, and many more.


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