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Bond 24 – Will we see Quantum return?

Bond 24 writer says ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet!’

John Logan has revealed to Empire that the first draft of the next Bond film is nearly finished, but if that isn’t exciting enough he was also interrogated further regarding the upcoming movie and let loose just a couple of very interesting pieces of information. Something concerning Quantum, and maybe even Blofeld…

Apparently themes that ran through Skyfall will continue on and develop in the next film. Exactly what that means is unclear, but with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris expected to return we can reasonably expect some continuation of the old vs new theme which played out in Skyfall.

But whilst we are talking about and the old, there was a particularly interesting suggestion that the villainous organisation named  Quantum may return. This is the shadowy group of people who were involved with villains Le Chiffre (Casino Royale) and Dominic Greene (Quantum of Solace). It always made sense that this group would return as they have by no means been defeated, in fact Bond hasn’t really made a dent in them at all yet. Also it seems likely that they will be mostly dealt with by the end of Craig‘s era rather than carrying on over to his successor.


It’s also worth mentioning how Craig‘s era seems to be mimicking Connery‘s in that you have two films in a row which deal with individuals who are connected to the same evil organisation (SPECTRE in Dr. No and From Russia With Love), then the third film takes a break from that (Goldfinger), only for SPECTRE to return in full force for two more films (Diamonds Are Forever and You Only Live Twice). Which brings us onto Blofeld. Logan hasn’t exactly said much on this topic, in fact it was ‘No comment’, but a no comment is not a no. He talks about how he has been looking back to the old movies and to Flemming whist writing Bond 24, that he is very aware of how positively audiences have responded to Skyfall‘s callbacks to the past. Plus, somebody has to head Quantum…

So, what do you think? Could Blofeld be the head of Quantum? Should he be? Or will we have some other Blofeld-esque villain instead?


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