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DISCOVER THE CANNIBAL WITHIN: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno Teaser Strikes

Responsible for such films as Cabin Fever, Hostel and its sequel Hostel: Part II, Eli Roth is certainly no stranger to the horror genre.

His latest feature film, The Green Inferno which premiered as part of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, follows a group of student activists who travel from New York to the Amazon to save a dying cannibal tribe. However, on their way home their plane crashes in the jungle and the group are taken hostage by the very natives they intended to protect.

Echoing the likes of the ground and bone breaking Cannibal HolocaustThe Green Inferno was shot on location in both Chile and Peru. When asked how difficult the shoot was Eli said:

“We went to a place where no camera had been before so it was pretty crazy. I wanted to have an adventure and we got one it was five hours of traveling every single day, there was no electricity, no running water. These people had never seen a movie or watched television, they had never seen ice cubes before, it was really that level of people who were disconnected from modern society. It was amazing. We had to get yellow fever shots, and there were poisonous snakes and spiders. It was the amazon so it was no joke. It was scary at times but I am glad that we pushed it and did it and here we are.”

The amazing SFX talents of Greg Nicoterro and Howard Berger (The Walking Dead) are at play here so we can expect blood spurting left right and centre, but you already imagined that anyway. With a sequel already in the works everyone was desperate to catch a glimpse of the first teaser trailer and here it is at long last. Enjoy the teaser below and, to celebrate, we created a quiz for you all to find out just which cannibal you are hiding within. Scroll below the trailer to answer the questions.

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