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Did You Have to Steal my Snowman? Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Disney

Whilst Frozen continues to make its mark as one of the biggest Disney feature films to date a carrot nose has recently been thrown in the works. Filmmakers Kelly Wilson and Neil Wrischnik are now suing Disney for copyright infringement as a certain Frozen teaser trailer is astonishingly similar to their animated short film The Snowman. The short, created between 2008 and 2010, follows a “regular Joe” snowman who, rather than hustling and tussling with Sven the reindeer on a frozen lake, has to fend off some rather rabid rabbits determined to nibble on his nutritious nostrils.

The filmmakers are defending their case not only by pointing out the substantial similarities between the trailer and their short but also by highlighting the fact that the Frozen trailer should be deemed a “false undersell” as the actual feature film is not exactly about a snowman and a reindeer fighting for a carrot.

Wilson and Wrischnik also provided a frame-by-frame comparison of The Snowman and the Frozen trailer to show why an ordinary observer would regard the trailer as substantially similar to The Snowman. (click on image for full sized version)


Commenting on the lawsuit, a Disney spokesperson said “The claim is utterly without merit and we will defend against it vigorously.”

Whatever the case, the proof is in the pudding so we’ll leave you to watch the animated short and teaser trailer for yourself. Let us know your thoughts below.


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