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Star Wars Presence Looking Unlikely at Comic-Con

Star Wars fans, old and young, were crossing every part of their bodies possible in the hope that Comic-Con would be covering Star Wars: Episode VII in some shape or form in San Diego this year.

The likelihood of this happening is beginning to veer closer to the dark side in the light of no official Disney panels on the Comic-Con programme together with the latest confirmation of Disney’s D23 Expo. Fans are most likely going to have to follow Yoda’s advice and use the force and be a bit more patient than first expected.

Disney’s announcement for the D23 Expo ran as follows:

Star Wars at D23 Expo! – For the first time at the D23 Expo, Star Wars fans can have access to experiences created for them by Lucasfilm and Disney. Darth Vader: The Evolution of a Villain, located in the DCP pavilion, showcases the development of the iconic villain from early concepts to striking realization. Crash Course in the Force: Star Wars Saga 101, presented by Lucasfilm’s resident authority Pablo Hidalgo in Stage 23, will give Star Wars newbies and experts alike a thorough grounding in all matters of the Force and the Star Wars legacy.

The D23 Expo convention runs from August 9th to 11th and given the fact that J.J. Abrams has been reported to be busily arranging production to begin shooting early neaxt year in the UK we’ll more likely than not hear solid cast confirmations in the near future. Should actors be be tapped pre-Expo then August would be a strategic time for them to put in appearances or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

We’ll let you know as soon as anything more solid is confirmed.


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