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A Short Mission: WeWi

There is always something so exquisite about dancing. No. No not the kind of acting where your drunken limbs flail so enthusiastically that you look like a drugged up spider. The kind that professionals undertake. Street dance, ballet, interpretive – it all mystifies in this spectacular way. So when short film, however experimental or without plot it may be, there is a level of excellence from the dancing that automatically drags you into the tale. Add that to wonderful cinematography and a sublime beach back drop and the greatly and bizarrely named WeWi is a little random short that you’ll enjoy.

Presented by Channel 4’s Random Acts and directed sublimely by, David Allain  a part of its programme during the late of night as well as commissioned by Dazed and Confused, WeWi is a beautiful and stirring short film. As the wind rolls into the coast, curling with the sea and breaking against the sand, two people connect across the whirling breeze and being to dance emotively. As they are caught into a cycle of movements, the erratic yet evocative movements start to push them apart as they battle different elements. Can their magnetic energy pull through?

Sometimes, Channel 4’s Random Acts is a little hit and miss or a little too surreal for But with WeWi, it is a delicately done and thoroughly absorbing piece that harnesses three art-forms in such a stirring way. The redolent score alongside the engaging dance movements with this beautiful cinematography make this a visual cinematic feast that pulls you into a story told by dance movements. Though there is little with plot, there still a story conveyed but the brilliant dancers Luke Divall and choreographer Emma Chadwick, are able to dance their emotions and characters. WeWi is a divine dance with nature too, plunging their feet and hands into the dirt and sand. It’s this visual filth with the beauty of the movements that conflict and therefore makes the interpretive film a little bit more incredible.

It’s superb


[vimeo id=”85749197″]


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