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A Short Mission: Man

Being a human is great, isn’t it? We are one of the fewer species that has the ability to use words, effectively communicating through language. We are on the top of the food chain, living in advance technological states, adorned by clothing and we even keep animals as willing pets. We drive cars, eat meat and we divulge ourselves in the most ghastly states of hate and war that no other species really does. But hey, at least we’re top of the food chain and King of Earth’s throne. Well, be prepared to have all that you love about being human topple down as you watch Steve Cutts three minute animated short Man.

It’s crude design and drawings prelude the truth about humanities struggle with nature. It’s less of a struggle and more of a blatant tirade against every living thing. As we follow our character, the slaughter is immense and though gleeful mayhem, man topples, uses and abuses every single creature in his path, all with a glorious “welcome” sign on his t-shirt.

Man is a message we’ve all heard before but Cutts’ cartoon antics make it a bit more paramount about exactly how much we have ruined. It’s so effective that you instantly want to become a vegan after watching animated fluffy things dismayed in the wake of man’s megalomania. With a little douse of humour, especially predicting our definitive end, the quick beating short leaves you a little bit more thoughtful than before.

[vimeo id=”56093731″]


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