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Short Film

A Short Mission: Fist of Jesus

9d91a7901c2bb3f42adfbf3e356671d0_largeHappy Easter Everyone! And as we celebrate Good Friday today we all remember Jesus and all the good things that he did for us.

Especially that time he accidentally brought people back from the dead only to reincarnate them as zombies and had to defeat them using whatever fish he had. Oh, wait, that wasn’t what Good Friday was about? Well, let us tell you about a lesser known bibilical story named Fist of Jesus. And before we do, we apologise profusely to anyone who may take offence.

Fist of Jesus is perhaps the funniest thing you’ll see all day. This Spanish campy short is just the ticket you’ll need to brighten your day and remember that things are better with tongues firmly placed in cheeks. Coming from short filmmakers Adrian Cardona and David Muñoz, Fist of Jesus is a brilliantly bizarre and wonderfully funny movie. It plays fast and loose with the Bible cannon, specifically there are zombie cowboys, but that is not important. What is important is that Jesus and Judas team up like a comic book tag team in order to defeat shuffling zombies with as many different kinds of fish as possible. Want to see Jesus destroy flesh eating zombies with flesh eating piranhas, then look no further than Fist of Jesus.

This is genuinely one of the most hilarious things you’ll encounter. It is thick and fast with the gore, greatly timed with the jokes and it comes from a solid comedic place. If you think things like Shaun of the Dead is funny or The Life of Brian, then Cardona and Muñoz have slickly combined them together for this teaser short. Teaser you may ask? Well, the hopes is to develop it into a longer action flick named Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem. And I’ll be damned if that isn’t going to be the best horror movie ever.

And you can donate to that movie now! Seriously, watch this then pour your money into the project. You will not be sorry.



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