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A Short Mission: Avoidance

Sometimes the responsibility of reality is too much for us to handle. In fact, everyone I know is guilty of zoning out, zooming in, using our expansive technology to escape from the world and indeed, other people. Sometimes we pop blinkers on and pretend that we are different, that the earth is easier and we don’t have to face the little things that gradually build up. Christ, no wonder we all have issues. Erica Rotberg is a short film maker who has created such a delectable and provoking short that it will sit in your mind and maybe get you talking to the person in the same room as you.

Avoidance is a colourful and simple few stories about the titular problem we are all facing. Told in vignettes, the short film focuses on different people and their lives. A woman in an office building ignores a call from her mother. A man in the basement of his parents shirks his responsibilities. A woman lives in a rose tinted world. And a couple live without communication.

The simplicity and 2D effects mixed with the intense pallet that hones personality to each character. The message is strong because it doesn’t over complicate or preach, it merely highlights the issues we are all facing whether it is literally sinking further away from your family, or letting time with your loved ones get cluttered with work. Rotberg has a distinct voice with her artistry, the quirky and unique characters representing a part of us that we have all given into. There is no definitive end but the questions they propose, the tableau’s presented clearly that you’ll be questioning

[vimeo id=”99992788″]


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