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Short Film

An Oscar Short Mission: Feral

Oscar Shorts have always had the highest calibre. Last winner Curfew certainly was as provoking as it was tender. This year is no exception and as much as most want to see another Disney short scoop the prize for Get a Horse this year. Sometimes I think I have to be objective in this series because of the admiration of telling a story through a perfectly formed short. But if I had to pop my money on the Best Animated Short Oscar, I’d put it on Feral.

Feral is a film by Daniel Sousa and is almost The Jungle Book-esque and you may be forgiven to think it is a story that has been done too many times. A young boy is raised by a pack of wolves and is found by a man and brought back into the human society. However, the boy finds it hard to adjust to this life style and fit in with humanity. Can he change all he knows in order to find a home with the humans?

Yes, it does sound similar, doesn’t it? But what Daniel Sousa creates is a truly stunning piece of animation that strikes the heart of imagination. Using hand drawn animation, layering it and making it move with the aid of the computer. The animation feels like an oil painting that is sprung beautifully to life. It sweeps with this wonderful textured movements that feel like that hazy dream. Honestly, it captures a soul and makes it soar, tumbling through images and a poignant heart to it. Feral is bound to win gold.


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