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Check out the latest ‘Tammy’ clips…or not!

The latest Tammy trailers confirm that this comedy is going to be anything but – funny. Well considering when it comes to comedy, funny goes hand in hand, it shall be interesting to see what the general population make of this one.

Starring as the main girl Tammy, is funny lady Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, The Heat), surprisingly alongside the talented Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise, Dead Man Walking) as her quirky Granny. The film also stars Kathy Bates, Toni Collette and Dan Aykroyd whom all should bring some laughs to the screen. Considering McCarthy had a hand in writing the screenplay for this one, it seems that this comedy actress wants to really push the boundaries and from what we see in the trailer raise the bar of silliness in cinema. Actor Ben Falcone (Bridesmaid, Enough Said) helped pen the script too as well as taking a seat in the director chair for the first time. This could either be a great decision or could be a complete disaster.

From the new clips provided to us, it seems the latter may be more probable than the former. Perhaps, it shall surprise us all when watched in it’s entirety, yet after you get dose of such clips I am sure you will see exactly where I am coming from.

First up is Tammy’s road rage, not to mention her lack of knowledge when it comes to famous authors:

Then we have her poor attempt at trying to make a run for it whilst practically being arrested (smooth move…):

And there we have it! Tammy is released in UK cinemas from 4th July. Let us know if you think Tammy is going to be up to spec in the comment boxes below.




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