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2015 Glasgow Frightfest Line-up Announced

Film4 FrightFest celebrates its10th year at Glasgow Film Festival with
three World, two European and six UK premiere attractions.


Manuela Velasco fights for survival in [REC]: APOCALYPSE

This year will see Frightfest return as a key strand of the Glasgow Film Festival for it’s tenth anniversary. Celebrating this milestone in perfect fashion, the festival co-ordinators have put together a fantastic line-up featuring eleven premieres that have never been shown in the UK before. So what delights are going to be on show for those lucky enough to attend this years festival?

Thurs 26th February

21:00 ELIZA GRAVES (UK Premiere)
Based on the short story from Edgar Allan Poe, Eliza Graves is a chilling gothic thriller from the director of The Call and The Machinist featuring an impressive cast including Kate Beckinsale, Brendan Gleeson and Michael Caine.

Friday 27th February

13:00 THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE (European Premiere)
From Chris Sparling, the writer of ATM and Buried comes this 70s inspired chiller set in the US Department of Defense’s paranormal lab. Starring Julian Acosta and Anne Betancourt the film surrounds a confirmed case of possession and will not doubt scare the living daylights out of you.

16:00 THE HOARDER (World Premiere)
Mischa Barton and Robert Knepper star in this intense and chilling psychological thriller from Director Matt Winn. Barton stars as Ella, a woman who finds herself trapped in an underground storage facility after discovering a terrifying secret unaware that those around her are hiding a secret of their own.

18:30 WYRMWOOD (UK Premiere)
Director Kiah Roache-Turner delivers a truly outstanding movie experience with WYRMWOOD. After a wayward comet turns the Australian outback into a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare, a mechanic (Jay Gallagher) learns his sister (Bianca Bradley) has been abducted by soldiers carrying out zombie experiments sets out to save her. Expect carnage and pitch black comedy in this high-octane rollercoaster ride that you won’t want to get off..

21:00 88 (World Premiere)
Everyone’s favourite she-wolf and medical student, Katharine Isabelle returns to Frightfest with the action thriller 88. Directed by April Mullen (A History of Violence) 88 sees Isabelle as a young woman split between two timelines as she goes on a violent rampage to get revenge for her lover’s death. The film also stars Christopher Lloyd and Michael Ironside.

23:15 THE ASYLUM (European Premiere)
His work may divide audiences but festival goers can look forward (or not) to Marcus Nispel’s latest flick. Audiences will see a group of teenagers accidentally release an evil spirit that starts to possess them one by one sounds very familiar but we’re intrigued.

Sat 28th February

11:00 CLOWN (UK Premiere)
The film that will no doubt terrify those with Coulrophobia. Director John Watts tells the story of a man who takes on the role of party entertainer for his son’s sixth birthday is in for a nasty shock when the clown outfit he wears is actually the skin of an ancient demon that is slowly turning him into a homicidal maniac with outsize shoes. Also starring Eli Roth and Peter Stormare.

13:30 BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (Retrospective Premiere)
Taking up the retro slot of this years festival is Mario Bava’s 1964 italian thriller Blood and Black Lace.

16:00 THE WOODS MOVIE (World Premiere)
Three student filmmakers might have disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary in 1994 but in 2015 something truly special is coming to Glasgow Frightfest as audiences will be able to experience The Making of the Blair Witch Project. This documentary will provide festival goers an in-depth perspective about the making of the found footage film that terrified the world.

18:30 THE TREATMENT (UK Premiere)
Arriving from Belgium is De Behandeling aka The Treatment. Directed by Hans Herbots this thriller stars Geert Van Rampelberg as Nick Cafmeyer, a police inspector haunted by an unsolved dissapperance untli a recently released suspect comes under his radar resulting into a relentless manhunt.

21:30 [REC]: APOCALYPSE (UK Premiere)
Bringing the popular spanish zombie/found footage genre to a close, [REC]: Apocalypse moves the action from the quarantined apartment build oto a high-security facility located on an oil tanker. Manuela Velasco returns for more blood, shocks and screams.

23:30 THERE ARE MONSTERS (UK Premiere)
Bringing the festival to a close will be this chilling horror from director Jay Dahl. Four film students embark on a road trip to obtain interviews only to find darkness and danger that will prove that monsters do really exist.

There you have it. We are impressed by this years line up and we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and join the festivities. So if we have wet your appetites why not grab yourself a ticket when they go on sale from 10am tomorrow. Full weekend passes are £70 (does not include the screening of Eliza Graves) and single tickets are just £9.00.

Visit: for more information.


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