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Chords in Conversation: Director John Crowley Talks Closed Circuit

Hitting UK cinemas tomorrow, October 25th, the John Crowley-helmed thriller Closed Circuit finds Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall starring as ex lovers whose loyalties are tested to the extreme, forced into defending a terrorist. The film places the focus on Britain’s legal system and policies of withholding classified evidence as the protagonists uncover a shocking conspiracy. Closed Circuit postulates a scenario displaying how uncurbed power ultimately leads to disastrous consequences.

The film’s producer Tim Bevan set his sights on Irish filmmaker Crowley based on his extensive experience working with actors – largely down to his theatrical background – and his talent at being able to seamlessly hop between different genres, as witnessed in previous projects such as Boy A and Is Anybody There?

Closed Circuit also boasts a stellar supporting cast including Ciarán Hinds, Julia Stiles, and Jim Broadbent. Cinema Chords sat down with Crowley to chat about working with such an extensive list of fine talent and we of course had to ask him if all the surveillance techniques are a thing of reality or a figment of his own imagination.

Let’s find out if they really do see our every move…

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