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Amazing Spider-Man Supergroup Announced

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack has brought together superhuman musicians to work on the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer will now create an album alongside top notch musicians such as Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr. Announced yesterday by head of Sony Pictures Lia Vollack, Zimmer will work alongside talented musicians to create a fresh and exceptional sound.

The Spider-Man music has always been so vastly impressive. With the Sam Raimi series, it was renowned composer Danny Elfman who took the helm for the score with Chad Kroeger and Sum 41 laying down great recordings, setting the tone for some amazing songs.

Now that task has been taken over by the phenomenal Hans Zimmer. Zimmer has created some of the most iconic movie music, more recently the outstanding Man Of Steel score. Working with Marc Webb, who used to be in a band, the two connected on a mutual love with the webbed hero. This sparked off interested, that passed on through friends who all game together to jam on the soundtrack. Attracting impressive names, the soundtrack roster will include Pharrell Williams, The Smith’s legend Marr, Michael Einzinger – the brains behind indie band Incubus and the super talented Dave Stewart.

This collaboration sees some ridiculously accomplished names who have provided sound tracks for movies such as Inception, The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me. But this is a whole new experience for all involved, moulding as one big band to bring the most electrifying soundtrack for this heroic movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the sequel to the rebooted franchise that sees Andrew Garfield as the web-slinging hero. With Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey as Garfield does battle with Jamie Foxx’s Electro. The second instalment of the (aptly named) Marc Webb series also sees the return of Harry Osbourn, Peter Parker’s best friend, and the introduction of Paul Giamatti’s Rhino.

With rumours flying around the movie, at least we know one thing, the soundtrack is going to rock.


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