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ABCs of Death 1.5 Line-up Revealed

abcs_1.5Last month we announced that Robert Boocheck won the Magnet Releasing‘s 26th Director competition. Not only did he win $5,000 but his short, M for Masticate, will feature as part of the upcoming ABCs of Death 2 alongside other established horror directors including Larry Fessenden, E.L. Katz, Aharon Keshales and the Soska sisters.

So, whilst we wait for the movie to be released, the production team behind the movie have announced the line up for another feature-length anthology called ABCs of Death 1.5. which will feature 26 of the best entries for last years 26th Director competition.

“The production team had a real blast selecting the 26 shorts that make up ABCs OF DEATH 1.5,” said producer and series creator Ant Timpson. “The hard part was only selecting 26, as the competition provided so many outstanding entries. We couldn’t be happier with the final lineup. There’s enough horror, humor, weirdness, and frankly – truly fucked up material to give even the most jaded fan a wakeup call from Hell.”

The films selected by producers for ABCs OF DEATH 1.5 are Maria Ivanova’s “M is for Mactation”, Tim Rutherford and Cody Kennedy’s “M is for Magnetic Tape”, Christopher Younes’ “M is for Maieusiophobia”, Dante Vescio and Rodrigo Gasparini’s “M is for Mailbox”, Summer Johnson’s “M is for Make Believe”, Peter Czikrai’s “M is for Malnutrition”, Michael Schwartz’s “M is for Manure”, Steve Daniels’ “M is for Marauder”, Zac Blair’s “M is for Marble”, Eric Pennycoff’s “M is for Mariachi”, Jeff Stewart’s “M is for Martyr”, Gigi Saul Guerrero’s “M is for Matador”, Wolfgang Matzl’s “M is for Meat”, Ama Lea’s “M is for Mermaid”, Joe and Lloyd Staszkiewicz’s “M is for Merry Christmas”, Carlos Faria’s “M is for Mess”, Nicholas Humphries’ “M is for Messiah”, Brett Glassberg’s “M is for Mind Meld”, Álvaro Núñez’s “M is for Miracle”, Barış Erdoğan’s “M is for Mobile”, Carles Torrens’ “M is for Mom”, Travis Betz’s “M is for Moonstruck”, Peter Podgursky’s “M is for Mormon Missionaries”, Mia’Kate Russell’s “M is for Muff”, and Jason Koch and Clint Kelly’s “M is for Munging.”

What is most exciting is that our favourite entry, Todd E Freeman’s “M is for Marriage” which we covered previously, has also been chosen to feature as part of the line-up. We would like to congratulate Todd as well as the other 25 directors whose fan-made films were chosen to feature in the upcoming spin-off.

ABCs of Death 1.5 will be released digitally in the next few months.


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