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Short Film

A Short Mission: Treevenge

Humour me, imagine that you are a Christmas Tree.

Not the plastic ones you can get in every store from September, the proper ones that you grow from the ground. You spend your whole life growing in a forest with your family and loved ones. From the minute you are a sapling to the great conifer, you are happy and content, no matter what the weather. And then, when the snow falls, merciless men come into your home and cut you down. They trim you and burn those small and weak. Slaying your family, you are taken much against your cries and forced into strange homes; decorated against your will. Would you be angry? Would you want….Treevenge?

Yer Dead and Twitch production companies teamed up together in 2009 for an epically hilarious and especially gory movie centring on the rise of Christmas trees. From the true monsters of lumberjacks, coming manically in to chop down the trunks of the trees and to the humans who fail to hear the cries of the innocent trees. There is anger here and it will be avenged.

The reason Treevenge is so dangerously good is because it throws intense satire on the horror genre and becomes a gleeful exercise that mirrors films more like Evil Dead. It is lovingly crafted as a genius affair that boasts lashings of blood and borders on the absurd side of gruesome. Much like the ferns themselves, it is relentless in its giddy brutality and that makes it even more enjoyable. There may be scenes here that feel misplaced and cheap. But that’s the point. It is mocking and trashy but wholly enjoyable.

Although, you may be a bit more tentative placing the presents under the tree this year…..


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