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Short Film

A Short Mission: The Maker

There is something that is always so magical about stop motion animation. It is definitely a difficult craft, yet produces some kind of spooky, enchanting and phenomenal cinema. The problem with stop motion animation is there isn’t enough appreciation for it. Of course, there are popular movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas but no one takes time out to marvel at just how much brilliance and dedication artists put into their work. It is one of the oldest forms of filmmaking and although its popularity has been lost due to the emergence of computers, there is still a special place for it.

In Christopher KezelosThe Maker a true masterpiece of stop motion animation comes breathing through the fantastical piece. The Maker is about a strange creature who is on a time limit. He must create something beautiful in the passing seconds. Set to an outstanding score, The Maker is a majesty of filmmaking.

It seems almost effortless but it is captivating and striking. It represents so many different themes in this innocent quirkiness. The Maker expresses the fleeting seconds of life, the passion for your work and loved ones. All in a matter of minutes, this almost fairy-tale is brought to life and it looks just so stunning. The Maker is marvellous in that it was created by earnest and devoted artists who used the internet to communicate, uniting London, Australia and Ohio.

This is hands down one of the best shorts of this year, charming and eloquent with golden hearted stitching.

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