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Short Film

A Short Mission: Status Update

In this day and age, social media is controlling everything. In fact, a lot of people can’t find more than a minute’s peace without flicking on their phone and updating a status (“I’m not doing anything #bored #lols #depressingnewsocialnorm.”) Dinner parties have now extra guests, cinema trips are littered with lights popping up out the corner of our eye and many people have been fired because they can no longer focus without popping up a tweet.

What happens when all those idiotic moanings and tiresome wishes become real? That is the basis of this funny short, Status Update. When office worker Allan’s computer is struck by lightning, he finds that everything he updates on his status becomes true and he uses this to his heart’s content.

Daniel Reisinger’s short comedy film is a brilliant tongue in cheek look at media. It is fast and ferocious. And it is more appealing than just a string of sex and dick jokes. Clever and well made, Reisinger has poured a lot of resources (and a few punts at Kim Kardashian) to create a montage that is technically outstanding and pretty darn hilarious. It’s not perfect and there are some cheap gags that lull uncomfortably in your stomach. But more importantly, you will chortle, guffaw and laugh along with Reisingers punchy movie.

Status Update: This movie is fantastic.

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