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Short Film

A Short Mission: How To Be Alone

Being alone is perhaps the thing that people are most afraid of and coming up to Christmas that fear is resonated in us all.

Will we be with our loved ones or will we face it alone? If it all seems a little bit daunting, then watch How To Be Alone, a charming short film by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and poet/songwriter Tanya Davis with a warming message for everyone.

Set to a beautiful beat and with some incredible animation How To Be Alone follows a little quirky poem with how to enjoy the world on your lonesome. Although the cinematography may be amateur, it is the message in this short film that resonates with you. It isn’t a patronising short film either, saying that being alone is wrong. Nor is it saying that being with people is bad either.

In fact, it just allows us to cherish the one person we’ve been with whole of our lives; ourselves. It makes being alone feel more comfortable, teaches us how to relax without feeling pressured into going out because it is the social norm. What the two have done is not only create a beautiful poem and a film with quirky animation to suit the wonders, but instead of telling us that being singular and unaccompanied is hollow and cold, How To Be Alone will make you appreciate yourself. It’s beautiful and will certainly warm you up this winter time.

Because being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely…

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