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Short Film

A Short Mission: Fear of Flying

The coldness has finally set in. Winter is here and we have all wrapped up warm. And as they always do during winter months, the birds have flown south for warmer climates. Well, all birds except Dougal. Unfortunately for Dougal, he has a fear of flying. This delightful animated short called Fear of Flying by Conor Finnegan is a quirky and brisk comedy about a bird who would rather shack up and brace the cold rather than follow his sweetheart to the Sunny South. When things go pear shaped for him, Dougal must face his fear rather than fight it.

Combining different bits of animation from 2D to puppetry, Conor Finnegan has told a brilliant story that is funny and charming all at the same time. Winner of many awards at prestigious film festivals, Fear of Flying has captivated audiences everywhere with a unique and bright animation style. Finnegan using a combination of puppets, sticks, cartoon backgrounds and after effects to make the story come to life. It seems like a simple movie but the depth of the animation makes it truly unique. With some utterly delightful characters and voices (from Mark Doherty, Aoife Duffin & Steven Courtney) it all comes together in this amusing short.

You can’t help but smile and giggle along with Fear of Flying and many will look forward to more from Finnegan, because with this, he is already flying high.

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