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Short Film

A Short Mission: Call Back

“We all do things we regret, things we want to erase, forget, change. What if you are offered a dose of hope?”

Call Back is one of those short films that will immediately grab your attention. Today we look at the fast paced, intriguing short film directed by Rani Naamani and Carols F. Puertolas. One thing these guys got right is the simplicity of the entire project. When it comes to short films, it is very easy to get caught up with over loading the screen with everything just because it looks good. Not only does Call Back look good, it leaves us wanting more after the six and a half minutes we get a snippet of.

We are introduced to a man who appears to have murdered a couple in an apartment. And just like the tag-line above, this man is offered a small dose of hope and a backdoor away from his actions. Call Back is a stimulating thriller incorporated with a hint of sci-fi, or should I say dose? In fact, the entire film feels like just a small dose of what could possibly be turned into a much longer feature length film. The narrative is interesting and the story never feels like it is lacking in substance and almost acts as a teaser trailer for a bigger project – it certainly leaves you wanting more. Wouldn’t you take the chance to erase the things you want to forget? Considering this film was selected for the San Jose Short Film Festival 2013, it shall be interesting to see what else this bunch comes up with next. 

[vimeo id=”76730864″]

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