Zomcom ‘Life After Beth’ serves up a new trailer!

In Life After Beth Dane DeHann wishes he had said certain things to his girlfriend, now he may just get his chance…

We are not quite sure what to make of Life After Beth yet. Is it going to be a knowing, tongue in cheek look at the zomcom? Is it perhaps more of what we’ve seen before? This is Dane DeHann‘s first comedy role and yet we’re not worried about that; the guy is a very capable actor and he has some very solid support in the form of this cast. But this trailer isn’t really showing us anything new, although it isn’t too tired either…

On the plus side for Life After Beth we have the previous mentioned Dane DeHann an actor who seems to be taking on a real range of roles and who is impressing us across the board. On top of his casting we also have people such as Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly involved which can only be a good thing for the movie.

On the more negative side of things is the fact that we have seen so many zomcoms now that we can’t help but be a little skeptical as to whether Life After Beth is going to offer us anything fresh to sink our teeth into at all. After Shaun of the Dead came out all those years ago we have been saturated with movies such as Warm Bodies and (the admittedly great) Zombieland, and we are beginning to think that this field has been well and truly mined now for comedic potential.  Also this is writer Jeff Baena‘s first foray into the director’s seat, so it’s hard to know  whether to class his involvement as either a positive or negative thing at the moment.

For now then we will leave it up to you to form your opinion of the movie. Do you reckon it’s going to be a hilarious laugh a minute treat? Or more something that should have been left in the grave? Watch the trailer below and see what you think!

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