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Van Damme Classics Triple Bill: ‘Kickboxer’ and ‘Bloodsport’ Remakes and ‘Double Impact’ Sequel

Boy is all this reboot madness making me feel my age. All my favourite youth film fodder just keeps getting the revamp treatment and now not one but two Van Damme classics are about to get added to that long list.

After rumours of a sequel with Van Damme himself seem to have come to nothing a reboot of his first major foot in the door that was Bloodsport has been reported to be in the works helmed by James McTiegue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin). The original film, which Van Damme himself helped edit to ensure it actually got released, also starred a young Forest Whitaker, related the real life story of soldier, Frank Dux as he heads to fight in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament. Despite being told by his superiors that he is needed in the forces he heads to Hong Kong with two officers on his tail.

Let’s hope McTiegue ”show you some trick or two!”

24 hours after this news Radar Pictures, currently producing the upcoming sequel, Riddick, has confirmed their interest in rebooting Van Damme’s 1989 classic Kickboxer. With the Hong Kong director Stephen Fung already attached, who made quite a name for himself with the Chinese box office hit Tai Chi Zero, we should be in for some great fight (and maybe dance) choreography. If you aren’t familiar with the original then see the clip below to understand why I say dance. It’s the most memorable scene from the film, alongside some unique rope stretch training sessions (also below). While no cast members have been attached just yet, Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis (Air America the TV series) will be writing the screenplay. Radar Pictures intends to start production this autumn or early in the new year.

One other project we’re keen to hear about is a possible Van Damme sequel to Double Impact. Last year the actor confirmed that he had teamed up with screenwriter Sheldon Lettich (Double Impact, Bloodsport) to write a follow-up adventure for the butt-kicking brothers who end up on opposite sides of the law. In an interview Van Damme had the following to reveal about the plot he has come up with:

“I came up with a great story set in Los Angeles. [Chad] is a producer, making pictures with a big house behind him. Alex is gonna go on vacation and has some problems with the Triads. Why? Because Chad went to Hong Kong and to get some loan money using [Alex’s] face, all of that bulls**t. And Alex comes [to Los Angeles] to see Chad and he’s full of s**t, has a girl pregnant, and she’s the sister of the big boss from South Central. It’s like Double Impact in Los Angeles.”

We’ll leave you with the two aforementioned unforgettable Kickboxer scenes. It would be great to see Van Damme at least in cameos in both movies but who would you like to see take on Chong Li and Tong Po this time round?

Now Su Kow! Nok Su Kow!


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