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The Twisted Twins break into Action with Vendetta

Canadian filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska hold over a decade of filmmaking experience under their belts. Their first two features Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary have become cult favourites amongst critics and film fans alike. So with the twins third feature See No Evil 2 in the can it would seem that there is no slowing them down as they are ready to shoot their fourth feature Vendetta.

Vendetta is the Soska’s second studio film with WWE Studios and Lionsgate. However, interestingly enough this film marks a change of direction for the Twisted Twins as Vendetta serves as their first venture outside of the horror genre. The film tells the story of tells the story of a detective who seeks vengeance against the man who murdered his wife by getting himself jailed in the same prison where the killer is serving a life sentence.

Paul Wight aka Big Show from the WWE Universe will star in the film and joining him will be Dean Cain, Michael Eklund (The Call, Bates Motel), Adrian Holmes (Elysium, Continuum), Matthew MacCaull (Marine 4, Bates Motel), and Ben Hollingsworth (Joy Ride 3, Cult). Also, behind the camera the girls will be joined by Kimani Kimani (Continuum, See No Evil 2) and Dan J Rizzuto (Almost Human, Arrow) who will both head up the astounding stunt team.

Vendetta began shooting on Monday, 23rd June 2014.

Vendetta cast members Big Show, Dean Cain and Michael Eklund.

Vendetta cast members Big Show, Dean Cain and Michael Eklund.


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