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Terminator: Genesis Plot Details Uncovered

Terminator: Genesis buzz has been gathering no moss of late as the ball keeps on rolling. The most recent report was that Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard) had been tapped as Kyle Reese, starring alongside Emilia Clarke as a young Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke as John Connor. With Alan Taylor (Thor 2) on board to helm the project, production is expected to begin any time now.

To date, the only inklings of the Laeta Kalogridis (Bionic Woman) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) script we’d heard of was that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be getting sent even further back in time – butt-naked we’re guessing – to protect a somewhat younger Sarah Connor.

According to a recent report from Moviehole, spoilers aplenty have just come spilling out of the mouth of a “really reputable” source. If you’d rather go into this film blind then you should probably stop right here, but we’re guessing you just can’t help yourselves.

Terminator: Genesis is said to time hop between 1984 (when we were first introduced to the franchise), 1991 (when everyone was signing along to that infamous Guns’n’Roses track), and various “other important and influential time periods in the life of the Connor family.”

Events are expected to kick off just as they did way back when with Arnie materializing in his birthday suit before getting ‘Bad to the Bone’ and taking out some punks before heading off to annihilate every single Sarah Connor who forgot to go ex-directory. Kyle Reese is also reported to be hot on the Terminator’s tail again whilst a plethora of characters from the 1984 original are set to return such as Detective Hal Vukovich, Lieutenant Ed Traxler and Sarah’s roommate, Ginger.

t-1000It certainly sounds like the film is looking to play some serious homage to the sequel too with John Connor getting stalked by the liquid-metal T-1000 who kills his foster parents. Having said that, all of this should be far from a retread of the same old waters as audiences will also be catapulted even further back in time to find a younger Sarah living with her parents.

That’s all we have so far but it’s more than enough info to chew on and certaiunly food for thought as to just how a possible trilogy and TV series could play out. Personally, I’m not liking the idea of another television series as the previous concoction, ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles,’ whilst starting of at a nice pace, quickly melted down into a useless piece of T-1000 metal junk.

As soon as the above information is confirmed or rebuffed or any further details unfold we’ll keep you in the know. We’ll be back…


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