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Well Wookie What we Found Here! Star Wars Episode VII Plot Revealed

Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars Episode VII finally has some real details about plot, characters and shooting schedules

After what feels like eternity of endless rumours, discussions and arguments about the future of the Star Wars franchise, it is good to actually have a few more details officially released. We unsurprisingly haven’t been given much, but here at Cinema Chords we are excited just to hear these few details.

Every name in the industry has been talked about in regards to this film, the lead roles in particular. Although we still do not know who has been cast, or really who is at the front of the pack, we do now know that the film will star three new leads whose adventures shall take place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.

The thirty year gap allows for us to see ‘some very familiar faces’, which we all knew about anyway but it is still exciting. Plus you have to wonder exactly who me may see returning. With such a short time gap between Episode VI and VII there is room for a lot of old friends to return.

Episode VII will commence production in May this year. The scheduled date for release being the 18th December 2015.


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